Jay Rob’s Portfolios

Welcome!  I’m Jay Rob and this is my place to talk about life, photography, travel as well as show some of the things that I’ve shot over the years.  Please feel free to linger and contemplate what you read and see here.

My portfolio is on this page, broken up into three general categories:  Music, People, and Places.

As time goes on and I add images, the lines between categories will get kind of blurry, so it is best to check through all three when you visit.

If you would like to see more of my work, be sure to click on each of the galleries Life, Music, and Objects.  They are on the left side menu of the screen.

The Words section is my blog, a free form place where the topics can be wide ranging, but mostly centering on the art of photography.  Mostly.

Enough talk, let’s dance.